Subterranean Adventures

Along with three Pastors from our church (Barry, Jack and Craig) and our missionary to India (Pastor Mohn – not pictured below), I traveled from New Jersey to Louisville for the “Together for the Gospel” (T4G) conference that is held every other year.


At T4G we (along with over 10,000 other Christians) were blessed with fantastic teaching and uplifting worship. In the middle picture below, you can see one of my favorite seats. It was just below the club box seats and it provided me a counter to write on and much needed and appreciated leg and arm room! The stadium is where the Louisville Cardinals basketball team competes.

I woke up early and spent one morning enjoying the pool at the hotel.


Below you can see all of us out to dinner one evening (from Kentucky we crossed the Ohio River and actually had this meal in southern Indiana). In the other picture are three of the men I ministered with on staff at Grace Church of DuPage in Illinois (Dave, Thad and Seth). All of them are presently serving as Pastors in different states.

After the three-day conference concluded, it was off the Mammoth Cave!

For a complete documentary of Mammoth Cave, please view the brief Vlog:

Here’s the crew just as we arrived at the Park.


Though we only had about three hours, we had enough time to tour the cave and walk the scenic grounds. The pictures below show the old traditional cave opening. This is the opening we used when I first visited Mammoth Cave with my family back in 2005.

The Vlog (above) shows some great footage of our cave tour and hike on the trails.

I couldn’t resist all the pictures below. I remember when our family came here in 2005, we camped just outside of this general store located on the Park grounds. One of our favorite activities during those hot summer days was visiting the slushie machine. Everything looks exactly as it did eleven years ago!

My family at Mammoth Cave in 2005.

Here are some pictures of my family from our 2005 visit that were taken at an amusement park just outside the Park entrance.

Pictured below is the same park eleven years later.

After dinner at the Cracker Barrel (Barry’s choice) we drove the ninety minutes back to Louisville and flew  home in the morning.




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